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Prepare for endless jumping in the captivating game called Roper. Take control of an adorable character as you navigate through a thrilling environment filled with enticing coins and precarious platforms. Your ultimate goal is to collect all the gold in each level, as it holds the key to victory!

Timing is crucial in this adventure. Jump precisely at the right moment to avoid perilous and sharp traps that can end your journey abruptly. Use your wit and skill to throw a vine and swing between distant platforms, ensuring you never plunge into the treacherous waters below. Successfully conquer dozens of levels, and may luck be on your side!

Controls are simple yet essential. Tap to jump and hold to swing on the vine. Be diligent in gathering all the coins scattered throughout the stages. Your mission is to guide Roper through 100 levels, helping them find their way back home. Are you up for the challenge?


Roper is developed by Fancade.

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