Bridge Builder Fancade
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Bridge Builder Fancade

“Bridge Builder” by LukaszM on the fancade platform is an engaging and strategic game where your goal is to construct bridges to reach the designated goal. Using intuitive swipe controls, you can move in the desired direction to navigate the game world. Collecting checkered cubes will provide you with additional bridges to build, enhancing your construction capabilities.

When facing an edge, tapping the screen allows you to build bridges, extending the line until it reaches another ground block or until you exhaust your bridge resources. Colored cubes correspond to colored doors, which open upon collection, granting you access to new areas.

A unique element in the game is the brown box, which behaves similarly to a sokoban box. Pushing the box to the edge of the level causes it to be destroyed, while pushing it into a hole transforms the hole into a normal floor.

The objective is to reach the goal, and unlike traditional games, there is no losing condition. This allows you to focus on creative bridge-building strategies and enjoy the gameplay experience without the pressure of failure. Put your problem-solving skills to the test and enjoy the rewarding challenge of “Bridge Builder”!

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