Mini Golf Fancade
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Mini Golf Fancade


Mini Golf Fancade is a sports golf game where you’ll tackle 50 unique golf courses, each with new challenges.

Test your skills, determination, and natural ability as you conquer remarkable obstacles. Don’t let a poor choice cost you your shot, showcase your mastery and enjoy the challenge.


In Mini Golf Fancade, you begin on a map with a floor color that represents a specific set of levels. The floor is usually bordered by walls and features a golf hole marked by a red flag. The white circle around your golf ball will flash when you’re ready to take your shot. To make a shot, pull back in the opposite direction of where you want the ball to go. The longer you pull, the stronger your shot will be. This strength is indicated by small cubes that point in the direction you’re pulling. The weakest shot is represented by 1 green cube, while the strongest is indicated by 5 red cubes. Yellow cubes signify a moderate strength shot. As you approach the golf hole, the red flag and pole will rise out of the hole, so they won’t obstruct your shot. However, if too much force is applied, the golf ball may jump over the hole. You have limited shots, as indicated by the number of golf clubs displayed at the bottom of your screen. If your shot lands outside of the designated floor, you’ll lose a shot and be returned to your previous position. In the snow levels (20-30), you’ll encounter snow blocks that slow down your golf ball, and in the beach levels (30-40), you’ll come across grass and sand blocks that have the same effect.

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