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Recoil is a mini game on the Fancade app, where a nasty virus has spread around the world. Tap to fire your antiviral arsenal.

In this game, your mission is to destroy all pink viruses using a variety of weapons. Each weapon has a unique feature that can destroy monsters. Be careful not to touch the nondestructive spikes or you will lose the game. The game includes several types of weapons, including the pistol, shotgun, minigun, sniper, laser, bow and arrow, magnet, revolver, fists, and charger.

To shoot the pistol, tap or hold the screen to fire a medium bullet rate with medium recoil. The shotgun shoots multiple bullets at once, with a slow bullet rate and high recoil. The minigun shoots really fast, with a fast bullet rate and low recoil. The sniper allows you to go on an aiming mode by holding the screen, with a bullet rate depending on how fast you tap and a medium recoil. The laser shoots a constant fast stream of cyan laser, with an extremely fast bullet rate and low recoil. The bow and arrow shoots an arrow affected by gravity, with a slow bullet rate and low recoil. Be careful not to lose the game by accidentally hitting yourself with an arrow.

The magnet attracts the metallic aliens and kills them when they touch it. The revolver allows you to tap to fire with six bullets, with the bullet rate depending on how fast you tap and high recoil. Be careful not to lose the game when the sixth bullet is fired and a monster is still alive. The fists allow you to approach in the direction you punch, with a medium rate and low recoil. The charger allows you to hold to charge the weapon, with the charge determining the strength of the recoil when you release and a high bullet rate.

You can play this game solo or with a friend in local co-op or versus modes. Unlock over a hundred bunnies using the carrots you’ve collected. Don’t forget to share Poor Bunny with your friends and compare your scores to see who can survive the longest in this cute but deadly high-score driven game.

Destroy all germs!

Recoil is a game by Martin Magni.


Recoil Fancade is developed by Fancade.

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