Portal Flash Version
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Portal Flash Version


Prepare to defy the laws of time and space with your trusty portal gun in the Flash Version of this mind-bending challenge! Are you ready to put your physics skills to the test and unravel the mysteries of this captivating puzzle adventure?

With over 40 challenging levels to conquer, you’ll need to master the art of portal manipulation to overcome obstacles and outsmart your foes. From energy balls and cubes to turrets and even the famous crusher from the trailer, this game features almost every element from the real Portal game, expertly recreated in 2D.

As you navigate through each level, be prepared to encounter increasingly complex puzzles that will push your problem-solving abilities to their limits. Rethink physics, experiment with portal placement, and use your creativity to find innovative solutions to each challenge.

But the adventure doesn’t end when you reach the final level! With a built-in console to experiment with, you can continue to explore and interact with the game world even after completing the main storyline. Whether you’re seeking a new challenge or simply looking to unleash your creativity, the possibilities are endless.

So, do you have what it takes to conquer this ultimate test of wit and ingenuity? Step into the world of portals and embark on an exhilarating journey that will defy your expectations and leave you craving more. Let the portal-hopping adventure begin!

Portal Flash Version is made in 2007. Now it is playable again online.


Portal Flash Version is developed by armor games.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Left mouse button – launch a portal.
  • A W D – movement
  • Q – launch a blue portal.
  • E – launch a yellow portal.
  • R – Close both portals.
  • F – pick up an object.
  • ~ – open up console (enable through the options)
  • O – quick quality adjust.
  • Esc/P – pause game.