Pokemon Silver 97: Reforged
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Pokemon Silver 97: Reforged

Go on a grand adventure in Pokemon Silver 97: Reforged. Catch Pokemons and taking down Team Rocket nationwide in this alternate sequel to the original Red and Blue!

Reforged comes in two versions, Gold and Silver, featuring differing sprites and encounter tables just like the real game.

BlazingMagmar (SoupPotato/SourApple) – Programming, Scripting, Sprites
Pfero- Title screen and various help
Cam – Maps and Scripting
Myself(Rool)- Sprites
Smalls- Sprites
Pik- Sprites
Sam the Salmon- Sprites
Nuuk- Sprites
Bencc- Sprites
Scarlax- Sprites
Lvl3- Original Hack

Just Have Fun!