Pokemon Demon Island
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Pokemon Demon Island



You have been mysteriously sent to a dangerous island filled with hungry flesh-eating Pokémon that are about to eat you up instantly. You have no clue where you are and what happened in this place. The island is infested with monsters, an attacking cult, demonic beings, everything in this island is just very chaotic. And it is your only choice to survive and escape this mysterious and depressing place.

New Evolution System

“MAKABRE” an extra evolution from some certain Pokémon. The Pokémon has lived on the island for so long shrouding them in darkness and never return to their normal selves. Most of things that changed are Power, Wisdom and their Type.

-Increased stats
-Changed types
-Changed appearance
-New abilities
-New movesets


-All trainers are changed to Shadows
-Increased Difficulty
-New and Changed Pokémon species
-New Evil Team
-Sinned Seven as the Elite Four
-New Powerful Legendary Pokémon
-Depressing atmosphere
-Dark storyline

Creator: DaimyoHermit

How to Play

Only keyboard is required to play this game. Check out the controller button to see console-to-keyboard mapping. For example, "A" on the game console is mapped to "Z" Key on your keyboard. You can also change the default key-mapping to whatever you feel comfortable with.

Default Keyboard Mapping
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
A,B,L,R Button =[Z],[X],[A],[S]
PLAY,SELECT =[Enter],[Backspace]

Use the Save button to download the save code of Pokemon Demon Island to your computer. Use the Upload button to select the save code from your PC to resume where you left off.