Pixel Shon Adventure

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Pixel Shon Adventure

Set off as a knight in shining armor to find secret treasures. Pixel Shon Adventure is an adventure game with elements of a arcade game. Our job is to safely traverse through the castle. During the exploration we will meet dangerous foes will skeletons and kill three bosses. Each from them presents the different style of battle, and every of arenas possesses appropriate music. In the game we have to face traps in which they you have to show courage and reflex.

The game has classic logic riddle, with which we will have to face. If you like classic 2D adventure games with pixel retro graphics, then you will definitely love this game, because the artwork is stylized on pixel art. Game concludes no elements of violence, so that players can play regardless of age. Game is very smooth and fluid control.

Will you be able to finish all 18 chambers and 3 bonus chambers?

Developed by Tusonic.

Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Arrow Left = Left
Arrow Right = Right
Arrow Up – Jump