Frugal Knight

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Frugal Knight

Take the role of a frugal knight just must try to save coins and defeat all monsters at the same time.
Knight can use 4 weapons.

Sword: Attack 1 square with 50 coins.
Spear: Attack vertical 2 squares with 70 coins.
Great Sword: Attack horizontal 3 squares with 80 coins.
Bow: Attack 1 square ahead with 60 coins.

And damaged enemies will knockback.

Use different weapons to save coins!

Will you be able to help the Knight through 100 different challenges?

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Frugal Knight was developed by baba_s.

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How to Play:

WASD or Arrow keys: Move
Z or 1: Use sword
X or 2: Use spear
C or 3: Use great sword
V or 4: Use bow
Space: Pause / Continue / Next
R: Retry
Q: Quit