Pit King

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Pit King

Protect your treasure in this pixelated mini-game called Pit King created for LD44.

Play as the king of the skeleton people. Defense your treasure and loots from any hero looter that darn to step into your dungeon.

Set up defense all around your treasure. Build bone turrets, walls, and plant bombs.

– Programming: Jesús Perez @oultrox
– Art: Orlando Guevara @veryeviltomato
– Sound mixing and editing: Marcel Antonorsi

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

– WASD to move
– Right mouse click to shoot
– Left mouse click to build and upgrade turrets
– Pressing Spacebar on Upgrade panel will upgrade your turret.
– Pressing V on Upgrade panel will deconstruct your turret.

– Pressing Escape during dragging a deployable will cancel it.
– P or Escape for Pause.