Like a King
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Like a King


“Like a King” is an immersive strategy game that offers a unique blend of tower defense, territory conquest, and epic battles, transporting players into the heart of medieval warfare. As the sovereign ruler of a sprawling kingdom, you are tasked with leading your armies in defense of your lands and thwarting the advances of invading forces. The game is set in a vibrant, detailed world where strategy and quick thinking are key to success.

To fortify your kingdom, you’ll need to establish mines to harvest essential resources and construct a variety of military edifices to recruit and train troops. The strategic deployment of your soldiers is crucial; directing their movements and choosing their battles wisely can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Your ultimate objective is to demolish the enemy’s stronghold before time elapses, utilizing every tool and tactic at your disposal.

Defense towers play a pivotal role in safeguarding your base, offering a layer of protection against enemy assaults. Each building not only enhances your defensive capabilities but also expands your territory, increasing your field of vision and providing you with greater control over the battlefield.

Strategizing the most effective way to neutralize your adversary is at the core of gameplay. Whether targeting their resource-generating mines, defense towers, or military infrastructures, your decisions will either lead to a swift victory or a prolonged conflict.

“Like a King” further enriches the gaming experience by incorporating a card collection system. These cards, which can be collected and upgraded throughout the game, bolster the strength of your units and buildings, giving you a crucial edge in battle. With a campaign spanning 70 levels, each presenting an escalating challenge, players will need to continuously adapt their strategies and optimize their armies to prevail.

Engaging, strategic, and filled with the thrill of medieval conquest, “Like a King” invites players to test their mettle as a monarch in a world where every decision could shape the fate of their kingdom. Will you rise to the occasion and lead your kingdom to glory, or will you succumb to the pressures of war and watch your empire crumble? The destiny of your realm lies in your hands.

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