Pigeon Ascent
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Pigeon Ascent


A game about taking care of your pigeon by upgrading and as they fight increasingly stronger foes as they ascent to become a pigeon God.

Inspired by games such as La Brute, Tamagochi and a little bit of Pokémon, Pigeon Ascent is our game for Ludum Dare #46.


  • Delta-key: Coding, music, design, sound effects;
  • Sklaiser: Art, design, playtesting.
  • Big thanks to Daniel LinssenJoeb Rogers, and Nimble Beasts for the text fonts we used in this game.
  • Software used:
    • Engine: Godot Engine 3.2;
    • Art: Aseprite;
    • Sound effects: JXFR, Audacity;
    • Music: Deflemask.