DUST: A Post Apocalyptic Role Playing Game
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DUST: A Post Apocalyptic Role Playing Game

Take the right decision to survive the post Apocalyptic fallout in DUST.

Fight to survive in the deadly fallout radiated post-apocalyptic wasteland. Take life and death decisions at every moment.

This game was inspired by the classic fallout and wasteland series, bringing you retro gaming feel directly to your mobile phone.


☠ Easy to play, but difficult to master. A deep game system where death may just be around the corner.

☠ Create your own roguelike post-apocalyptic player character and customize their skills, attributes, perks, weapons and other equipment.

☠ Buy and sell equipment, plan what to bring before exploring the nuclear wasteland. Find and collect items left behind by the fallen world.

☠ Pursue quest/missions that are given to you by post-apocalyptic dwellers. Collect valuable information from NPC that will help you survive the wasteland.

☠ The apocalyptic wasteland is unforgiving. You will take important decisions that will affect your chance for survival.

☠ Discover new locations, relics, creature and monsters that roam the post-nuclear apocalyptic wasteland.

☠ An atmospheric post-apocalyptic themed role-playing game; inspired by the classic Fallout(1/2) & Wasteland series, with gritty environments, mutants; accompanied with killer post-apocalyptic music.

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