Fantasy Madness
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Fantasy Madness

Fantasy Madness is a thrilling roguelike action-survival game that unfolds in a wildpunk World of Fantasy. Your objective is to combat malevolent forces that seek to dismantle the natural order. Wield an impressive arsenal of arcane powers bestowed upon you by beloved Mother Nature to take down crafty foes like orcs from the Clan of Aluminum Helmets.

Battle the Hordes.

Assume the role of Johnny “Harmon” Wild, trapped in a fantasy forest called “Orkish Paradise,” battling strange goblins, orcs, shamans, and other vicious creatures. Employ tactical movement to defeat enemies and gather their crystals, which award XP for leveling up. Similar to the game Vampire Survivors, you attack automatically, allowing you to focus on moving like a pro.

Summon Mother Nature.

As you level up, you unlock a range of power-ups that increase your damage output, slow-down abilities, or healing prowess. Summon healing gardens, carnivorous bunnies, lightning strikes, and much more. Upgrade these power-ups continually to boost their effectiveness.

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