Money Movers
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Money Movers


Money Movers is a puzzle-platformer where you control 2 brothers while encountering many obstacles along the way like lasers, moving platforms, and other, trying to reach the exit.

Updated from flash game to HTML5, so is playable on desktop and mobile.

Join two cunning prisoners as they attempt to break out of a high-security jail. Get ready for 20 intense levels filled with adventure and riches. To escape, you’ll need to be smart, as numerous obstacles including traps, cameras, and guards stand in your way. This game can be played solo or with a friend, and each of the inmates possesses unique skills. By alternating between them and working together, you can mastermind a daring jailbreak.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

The first few levels of the game are training. Pay attention to the graffiti – there are tips!

  • On PC
    • the younger brother – WASD, the older one is the arrows
  • Smartphone, tablet
    • ¬†use the arrows, <^>, the down arrow – “pick up an item”, on the right are the “switch between characters” and “throw an item” buttons.