Money Hog
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Money Hog


“Money Hog” plunges players into a whimsically dire predicament crafted by an evil witch’s curse, transforming you into a pig with a hefty ransom on your return to humanity. Your mission? To amass a staggering one or two million dollars before the stroke of midnight to break the spell or risk living out your days with a snout and a curly tail. This action-packed arcade platformer blends classic gameplay elements with a fairy tale twist, making every leap, dash, and coin collected a vital step toward reclaiming your human form.

“Oh no, an evil witch has turned you into a pig! You have to collect a million dollars (two million, if playing on hard) before midnight, otherwise you shall remain a pig forever!”

The gameplay mechanics of “Money Hog” are ingeniously tied to both narrative and progression. Coins are more than just currency; they’re your ticket to breaking the curse, each one collected bolstering your base bonus multiplier. This multiplier is crucial, amplifying the points earned from further coin collection and the vanquishing of foes, encapsulating the frantic pace of a cursed pig on a mission.

Players are encouraged to engage enemies with strategy and finesse. Successfully dispatching multiple adversaries in succession without a moment’s pause on the ground or the misfortune of taking damage activates a score multiplier. This system rewards players for skillful, continuous combat, making every engagement a high-stakes dance.

Within this enchanted world, gems emerge as beacons of hope, their value magnified exponentially by a robust multiplier. Meanwhile, stars bestow a brief respite from the chaos, offering five seconds of invincibility, during which the player’s score multiplier remains unscathed by ground contact. Hearts, scattered sparingly, provide crucial health recovery, a reminder of the fragile mortality beneath the piggy exterior.

The game’s boundaries are as perilous as its enemies. A misstep to the screen’s bottom results in instant death, a harsh penalty for gravity’s neglect. Similarly, venturing too high triggers a countdown to doom, adding a vertical dimension to the game’s strategy.

“Money Hog” weaves together the thrill of arcade platformers with a narrative that’s both humorous and harrowing. With its unique blend of coin collection, enemy encounters, and fairy tale stakes, it challenges players to navigate a world where every coin, every enemy, and every jump could mean the difference between breaking a curse and living forever as a pig. Ready your reflexes, strategize your moves, and embark on a quest to outwit a witch’s spell in “Money Hog.”

Made by Jani Nykänen

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Gamepad controls are listed inside the parentheses:

  • Arrow keys (or dpad/analogue stick): move the player character
  • Spacebar/Z (or (A) ): jump
  • Down + Jump: jump down from a bridge (only works on a bridge!)
  • Left Ctrl/X (or (B)/(X) ): headbutt
  • Enter/Esc (or (Start) ): pause

Keyboard keys might vary on depending on your locale. If you have a non-QWERTY keyboard, Z and X keys might be the keys on the same location, i.e. on the bottom-left part of the keyboard, but the keys itself might be different.

Gamepad controls are not explained in-game, unlike keyboard controls, since I ran out of space.