Mobs, Inc.

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Mobs, Inc.

Play as a monster that just got hired as a new employee of Mobs. Inc. Your job is to guard the dungeon. Defeat all adventurers who dare to step inside. Your boss is literally the devil. Get promoted as you defeat intruders. Game doesn’t have an game ending massage, the highest level you can get is around 95. Will you be able to make it to the last level?

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Every monster in the company has to follow these three rules :

1. Kill adventurers with quick strikes, by dashing through them (Left-Click to attack).

2. Kill more adventurers with your specials skills once you are promoted (Press Q / W / E ).

3. Do not upset the CEO, it will be fine. If you disappoint him 4 times, you will be fired. (and have to start a new game)