Dark Soil


Dark Soil

Darks Soil is a fun combination of Dark Souls and garden game combinations. Play as a retired hero taking care of his garden, but his action never ends.

The goal is to “Cultivate your garden and earn souls from dangerous plant species”.

Start with a seed, plant it in the soil, then use your watering can to grow them and earn souls. Every 5 levels, you unlock a chest in the sanctuary that gives you a more powerful weapon and heal you.

Pietro Ferrantelli – Game Design & Programmation @PietroFerrantel
Sylvain Guerrero – Game Design, Programmation & Tech Art @Zylvaingue
Robin Chafouin – Character Design & Animations @NoNameNoSocks
Joachim Leclerc – Environment Art, Title & UI @joachimLeclerc (MoJo)
Boris Warembourg – Music & SoundDesign @GrizzlyCogs

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


WASD/ZQSD : Movement
Left Click : Use Item
Right Click : Roll
Scrool wheel/1\2\3\4 \5 : Select your Item
1 : Select Weapon (Attack the enemies that spawn from your plants)
2 : Select Watering Can (Aim at unmature plants to grow them)
3/4/5 : Select Seed Kind (Plant them on soil tiles)