Ikki’s Dungeon
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Ikki’s Dungeon


Ikki’s Dungeon is a 2D platformer game with pixel graphics inspired in all those great SNES games.

A hero named Ikki goes to the dungeon, which is located under a huge castle.
No one suspected that there was a huge ramified dungeon until all sorts of monsters began to penetrate from there, and most often very dangerous ones. Our brave man in Ikki┬┤s Dungeon decided to figure out where the monsters came from and how to get rid of them. One magician advised him to find a hidden treasure. Allegedly, it keeps all the terrible individuals near itself. If you find and endure it, the monsters will disappear.

Help our hero go through difficult obstacles, there are a lot of deadly traps in the dungeon, and in the dark you can meet anyone !


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Made by @roberbaca

How to Play:

Arrows Keys: move

CTRL: attack