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“Welcome to OVERGAME,
the most adaptative experience ever made,
unique to each player,
designed live with the gamedevs.
Well… at least that’s what they’re saying….”

Started as a Community Game Jam.
Theme was ” The Game is a Liar”

Pietro Ferrantelli – Game Design, Programing, UI, VFX, Sound, Pixel Art (http://twitter.com/PietroFerrantel )
Pierrick Boyet (Radiant.prk) – Awesome Musics (https://soundcloud.com/radiantprk )
Robin Chafoin (NoNameNoSocks) – Pixel Art, Character Design (http://twitter.com/NoNameNoSocks)
Joachim Leclercq (Mojo) – Pixel Art, Environment (http://twitter.com/joachimLeclerc )
Sacha Riviere – Pixel Art & Logo (http://twitter.com/riviere_sacha )
Alexis Prost- Pixel Art (https://twitter.com/SicariusV1 )

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.