Grow Golf
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Grow Golf


Grow Golf is a unique blend of gardening and golf where you cultivate golf balls in a crumbling plot of land.

Grow Golf is a challenging golf game where you strive to endure for as long as possible on a piece of land that crumbles when it becomes too dry. You aim and hit your ball by dragging and releasing the mouse, trying to sink it into the hole in the allotted shots like in a conventional golf game. The outcome of your shot depends on the type of ball you use.

If you opt for a regular ball, it will sow a golf ball seed when it lands. If you choose a water ball, it will moisten the surrounding ground upon landing, encouraging growth and preventing dryness. Later, you will also have access to dirt balls that can replace missing pieces of ground. You must carefully balance the use of all three ball types to maintain the health of the ground and prevent your balls from falling through any gaps.

It may take a few attempts to get the hang of it, but it’s an addictive game that becomes especially entertaining once you have a thriving crop of golf balls. A golf game that will win you over.

Ball Types

  • A regular ball will plant a seedling when it lands.
  • A water ball will water seedlings and land tiles. It waters every tile it passes over, and a 3×3 around where it lands.
    After enough water a seedling will grow into a new golf ball.=
  • A dirt ball will create new land in empty air. Dirt balls always get destroyed upon landing.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Right-click or Shift+click materials to set every ball to that type.

1-4 keys and ZXCV can also be used to switch the selected tool.

Select a tool at the bottom.
With the club selected, click and drag on the screen to hit the ball.
With a material selected, drag over existing balls to change their type.

Dirt will dry up and disintegrate if not watered.

If a hole isn’t scored in within its stroke limit, or you run out of balls, you lose.

Try to balance watering land and plants, planting new balls, and scoring holes to survive as long as possible!