Mike Shadow I paid for it
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Mike Shadow I paid for it


Mike Shadow I paid for it is an epic stickman game where your goal is to beat up a vending machine that took your money, but refuse to give you the drink you ordered.

Mike Shadow: I Paid For It!” is an Adobe Flash video game created by Tanoku and released in 2011. Now it is playable on the modern web browser thanks to Ruffle.rs

You assume the role of the protagonist, Mike Shadow, who attempts to purchase a beverage using a coin. Unfortunately, the machine consumes the coin without dispensing the drink, leaving Mike in a fit of anger. In response, he decides to unleash a brutal attack on the machine. This sets the stage for the gameplay, where you control Mike as he vents the machine from functioning. Once Mike’s rage subsides for the day, you can use the money earned from the attack to purchase upgrades and repeat the process. The battles become increasingly flashy and intense, even though the machine remains unscathed.

There are a lot of upgrades and attacks to unlock. Will you be able to unlock all of it to see the amazing animation.

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