Stick vs Zombies: Stick Epic Fight
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Stick vs Zombies: Stick Epic Fight

The zombie apocalypse is here, and it’s pixelated! Dive into “Stick vs Zombies: Stick Epic Fight,” an exhilarating stick figure fighting game set in a cube world reminiscent of Minecraft. This action-packed platformer delivers intense battles where you, as the red stick figure, must fend off waves of zombies, skeleton archers, withers, and the infamous Noob!

“Stick vs Zombies: Stick Epic Fight” aligns with the thrilling dynamics found in games like “Stick War,” “Stickman vs Zombies,” and “Stickman Warriors,” offering players a blend of cool effects, challenging enemies, and combo-driven combat. As the zombie hordes descend upon the red stick and his allies, you’ll need to harness your fighting skills to survive and prevail in the voxel-style arena.

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Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Buttons A\D or Arrows – Run.
  • W button or Up Arrow – Jump.
  • Spacebar or Right Arrow – Dash.
  • W Button or Up Arrow or Sword Button – Hit.
  • Press the hit button many times to make a combo.
  • Defeat all enemies and enter the portal to advance to the next level!