Mega Man Unlimited
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Mega Man Unlimited

MegaMan Unlimited is a 2D platformer starring the popular Capcom icon, but that is not affiliated in any way with the Japanese company. Instead, the game has been developed solely by fans of the original titles.

Visually and audibly, MegaMan Unlimited draws from the classics that appeared on the 8 Bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). From another point of view, however, the main source of inspiration for Unlimited comes from MegaMan 9 and 10.

MegaMan Unlimited’s story puts the player in the most unlikely of scenarios, in which Dr. Willy promises to help Mega Man when eight unknown robots begin to wreak havoc throughout the world, and to stop them he will need all the help he can get.

Players will have to conquer eight different worlds and their bosses… plus an additional hidden world (also with its own ‘boss’).



  • Multiple difficulty settings
    • Original
    • Easy
    • Insta-Death
  • 2 Playable Characters
    • Mega Man
    • Beat the game on Original Mode to unlock a secret playable character
  • Controller Support
  • 13 challenging stages
    • 8 original Robot Masters and unique weapons to obtain
  • 1 secret stage
    • Find all the YOKU letters to play a challenging stage and try to defeat YokuMan, the Master of Illusions
    • Obtain YokuMan’s weapon after defeating him
  • 1 extra stage
    • Fight WhirlpoolMan, Master of the Tides; a Robot Master added to the game after release
    • Obtain WhirlpoolMan’s weapon for use in the main game after defeating him
  • Endless Attack Mode
    • Play through stages randomly selected among 70 possible ones
    • Complete as many screens as possible without dying
  • Endless Boss Attack Mode
    • Fight random bosses one after another
    • Defeat as many bosses as possible without dying
  • Endurance Attack
    • Play through 70 stages in a preset order without dying
  • Special Challenges
    • Can you defeat all the Robot Masters without taking damage?
    • Can you defeat the Omega Robot Masters?




Planning – Game and Stage Design

Philippe Poulin

Gameplay Programming

Jean-Simon Brochu
Gabriel Leblanc

Game Engine

Gabriel Leblanc

Cutscene Engine

Jean-Simon Brochu

Additional Programming

Jocelyn Perreault


Philippe Poulin


Spriter Gors
Kevin Phetsomphou
Philippe Poulin
Yan Thouin

Sound Effects

Philippe Poulin

Story and Cutscene Screenplay

Philippe Poulin

Software Used


Fruity Loops Studio
Sony Sound Forge 9.0


Adobe Flash CS3 Pro
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Bitmap Font Writer

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