Masters of the Universe
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Masters of the Universe

Side with He-Man and his allies or Skeletor and his minions in this new take on the classic Barbarian sword fighting game.

Battle 8 levels against increasingly difficult foes or play against a friend.

You have the power!

This Pico-8 cart is bursting with the Power of Grayskull, featuring:

16 Characters
16 combat moves
4 stages
8 difficulty levels
3 game modes
A kickass soundtrack

Original artworks and idea: John Henderson


yourykiki (Damien Hostin – check out his great pico-8 games: Brutal Pico Race and Pico Cyberbank)
Matt Kimball
Geoff Sejai-Smith

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Arcade mode is a battle against enemies of increasing difficulty to regain control of Eternia

P1 vs CPU is a 1 round fight with customizable difficulties, characters and stage

P1 vs P2 allows you to fight a friend with your favorite characters

While selecting your character in vs modes, use up and down to select stage and difficulty.

Player1: Pad 1 \ arrow keys + Z/N ([O] Button – Attack) + X/M ([X] Button – Defense)

Player2: Pad 2 \ E S D F + W/Left Shift ([O] Button – Attack)+ Q/A ([X] Button – Defense)

UP -Jump, RIGHT – move forward, DOWN – crouch, LEFT – move backward,
ATTACK – Body Chop, RIGHT+ATTACK – Neck Chop, UP + ATTACK – Overhead Chop, LEFT + ATTACK – Sword spin, DOWN + ATTACK – Leg Chop,
DEFENSE – Protect Body, UP + DEFENSE – Protect Head, RIGHT+ DEFENSE – Headbutt, DOWN + DEFENSE – Leg chop,
ATTACK + DEFENSE – Flying Neck Chop