Lightning Swords / Ken-Go (Arcade)
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Lightning Swords / Ken-Go (Arcade)


An arcade hack n slash video game released in 1991, now you can play it on the web.

The story, then, is not about rescuing a princess, but about avenging her. As with any other arcade title, it mostly exists to justify the setting; in this case, a dark, slightly fantastic Japan, in the year 1600. What the game is really about, though, is holding the action button to both block enemy attacks and charge up your own, before releasing them at the right moment. The longer you do, the further they go, and the more damage they do. That is the central mechanic around which the game is built.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play

Only keyboard is required to play this game. Pretend your keyboard is the a game controller.

Press [Space-Bar] after the loading and introduction screen to insert coin, then [ENTER] to PLAY.

Player 1
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
Insert Coin =[Space-Bar]
(Only work after intro. Locked during intro)
Arrrow =[WASD]
Button 1, 2, 3 =[J], [K], [L]
Button 4, 5, 6 =[I], [O], [U]
Player 2
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
Insert Coin =[8 Numpad]
PLAY =[9 Numpad]
Move =[Arrows]
Button 1, 2, 3 =[1], [2], [3] Numpad
Button 4, 5, 6 =[5], [4], [6] Numpad