Samurai vs Yakuza Beat Em Up
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Samurai vs Yakuza Beat Em Up


“Samurai vs Yakuza” is a thrilling beat’em up arcade game that invites players to step into the shoes of a skilled samurai. In this action-packed adventure, the notorious Yakuza gang has seized control of various ancient treasures and ruins, threatening the cultural heritage and peace of the kingdom. As the heroic samurai, players must embark on a critical mission to reclaim these important sites and restore order.

Utilize your exceptional samurai abilities to navigate through a series of challenging environments, each teeming with dangerous Yakuza members. Engage in intense combat, wielding traditional swords and various weapons discovered within hidden crates scattered throughout the levels. Each fight demands strategy, quick reflexes, and a sharp mind to defeat the Yakuza and prevent them from causing further destruction.

As the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance, gear up and prepare for an epic confrontation. With the future of the realm at stake, it’s up to you to harness your samurai prowess, defeat the Yakuza, and safeguard the kingdom’s legacy. Ready yourself for battle, sharpen your skills, and embark on this noble quest to save the kingdom in “Samurai vs Yakuza.”


Samurai vs Yakuza Beat Em Up is developed by Meyagames.

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