Hedgehog Dilemma For Robots
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Hedgehog Dilemma For Robots

Hedgehog Dilemma for Robots presents a thrilling arcade-style game where you assume the role of a luminous light bulb, using your illumination to make enemies explode.

Immerse yourself in an immersive audio-visual experience as you control Goldie, a robotic audio recorder, on a mission to capture enigmatic sounds in “The Ocean,” a vast and mysterious space. Your objective is to record as much audio as possible by cautiously approaching the sources while avoiding collisions.

The gameplay is straightforward and ideal for short bursts of play, lasting around 15 minutes per session. Waves of enemies will enter the arena, and you must maintain close proximity to chip away at their health with your radiant aura.

Dealing damage to enemies rewards you with points, but exercise caution to prevent them from getting too close and causing damage to your vulnerable light bulb.

Fear not, for the game provides power-ups to aid you in your quest. Collect batteries to permanently enhance your damage output, and extra sunglasses grant you a single hit without being knocked out.

The goal is to accumulate enough points/data to reach 1500, marking the official completion of the game. However, the true challenge lies in testing your endurance against the escalating chaos of the late-game.

Prepare for an electrifying adventure where strategy and reflexes are key to survival. How long can you withstand the intense mayhem? Embark on Hedgehog Dilemma for Robots and find out!


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Default Main Keyboard Controls (can be changed in the options menu in the “Controls” menu):
    • Arrow Keys – Move around
    • Space Bar – Not yet, it’ll be clear when you get it
  • Default Main Controller Controls (No options for this one, sorry!):
    • Left stick – Move around
    • Right face button –  Not yet, it’ll be clear when you get it