Harvestcraft Edition
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Harvestcraft Edition

Harvestcraft is a pokemon game that combines elements from stardew valley, Terraria and minecraft making it one of the most fun unique experiences around!


Trevenant is the ruler of all Pokemon in the woods. They are living happily together. One day, many people came and cut down a big number of trees. Trevenant has asked the Harvest Goddess for help, but he is disappointed quickly because the Harvest Goddess quickly fell in love with one of the lumbers – Eric. When they get married later, Trevenant realized that he could get the power of the Harvest Goddess. After asking Kappa – Harvest Goddess’s brother, Trevenant managed to trap people inside the town and he even tried to kill the baby of Harvest Goddess. He failed. He was told that someone would stop him, for sure.

One year has been passed since that accident. In the morning, Trevenant chased the Harvest Goddess’s family. Eric and Harvest Baby have escaped, but the Harvest Goddess was not so lucky like that. At this time, you are a 21 years old adult and being trapped inside the town (of course Trevenant caused this). Can you free, release town’s people out of this accident?


  • The weather system affects your gameplay.
  • Time and Day will depend on your playing time.
  • Seasons change every 30 days. This can effects the items and wild Pokemon in the woods.
  • You can be a real farmer with many kinds of fruit.
  • A new system for Berries. You can find that they are regrown everyday.
  • No Gym Leaders and Elite Four at all. Instead, you will battle with shop owners for badges and Trevenant will be the champion.
  • Some new Pokemon from Gen IV to VI.
  • Cooking and crafting is also an interesting part of this game.
  • New items and moves.
  • The energy will be decreased when doing work. Replenish it by eating or sleeping.
  • A love system for the first time in Pokemon games! You can even propose NPCs when you have enough points.
  • The new Fairy Type.

Just Have Fun!