Gun Golf
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Gun Golf


Gun Golf is a unique game where you play as a golf-ball with a gun.

Use the projectile of the bullets to get you to each hole.

Salman (Code & Design)@Salman_Shh
Stuffed Wombat (Design) @wombatstuff
Gaziter (Art) @Gaziter

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

PC Desktop Control

Mouse Controls:
Mouse Position – to Aim
Left Click – to shoot.

Gamepad Controls:
Left/Right Stick – to Aim
A Button – to Shoot
B Button – to restart Stage
Left/Right Triggers – to change levels

Mobile control

Touch Controls
to change the control scheme of the touch controls, press the numbered circle sprite on the screen. (only appears on mobile)
Two Fingers control scheme

Hold and Drag – to Aim
Tap with 2nd finger – To Shoot
1 Finger control scheme

Drag to aim
Release – to shoot
Drag further – to shoot automatic weapon continuously (just the UZI)