Gumball: Suburban Karate Master
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Gumball: Suburban Karate Master


The player takes control of the show’s protagonist, Gumball, who is walking down a sidewalk? The main objective is to survive for as long as possible while conquering obstacles. There are three types of obstacles: projectiles, such as fireballs, that one needs to slide under by pressing the down arrow key; other martial artists that he/she needs to hit by pressing the space key; and path blockers, such as fire hydrants, that one will need to jump over by pressing the up arrow key.


There are also several juice cans along the sidewalk that the player may pick up. When enough are collected, Darwin joins in and pushes Gumball forward, granting the player temporary invincibility via the ability to destroy everything in their path.

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How to Play:

This game is best played on a mobile or tablet device. So the swipe feels more natural.