Mutant Karate Canary
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Mutant Karate Canary


Mutant Karate Canary is a mortal combat like fighting game featuring different animal mutants.


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Made by TroldKarlensHate

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Each fighter has a base moveset of five attacks, a jump and a block.

You can only move by jumping and tapping the jump button (south button) once more, in the air, will trigger an attack.

Each fighter has two power moves.

Each power is triggered by a button press (west and north button) and has a cooldown.

Block can only be used on the ground and is triggered by holding the joystick in the opposite portion of the opponent.

When jumping, attacking or successfully blocking, the player earns points on the special bar. When full the player can trigger the special move (east button).

MCK can be played with controllers and keyboard, even two player on one Keyboard.


  • Right Sick/ D-pad to control Direction 
  • South Button is Jump and in air Attack
  • West Button is Power One
  • North Button is Power Two
  • East Button is SPECIAL (needs to be charged)


  • WASD to control Direction 
  • B is Jump and in air Attack
  • G is Power One
  • Y is Power Two
  • H is SPECIAL (needs to be charged)


  • ARROW KEYS to control Direction 
  • 1 on numpad is Jump and in air Attack
  • 4 on numpad is Power One
  • 5 on numpad is Power Two
  • 2 on numpad is SPECIAL (needs to be charged)