Gumball: Class Spirits
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Gumball: Class Spirits


When Penny started hanging out with Leslie,

Gumball got crazy jealous. Now his jealous spirit is on the loose. Use magic dust to trap Jealousy before it infects the entire school.

Help Gumball round-up evil specters in Class Spirits.

The game’s story is based on the plot of “The Flower,” with a few twists for the sake of gameplay. Leslie has begun hanging out with Penny, making Gumball jealous. His jealousy took the form of a malevolent spirit, bent on possessing people and revealing their deepest desires, and forcing them to achieve said desires in malicious ways. Gumball, armed with a jug of salt, which is a ghost’s bane, must trap the spirit with salt lines to prevent it from spreading its curse.


The goal of the game is to trap Jealousy into a small enough area such that the salt overwhelms and exorcises him. To do so, Gumball (controlled by the player) must make lines of salt on the ground. This is done by simply moving – Gumball will automatically leave a trail of salt wherever he walks.

Initially, Jealousy is boxed into a semi-large box. Gumball is free to move around the sides without fear of getting touched by Jealousy. Once he enters the center, he must reach another side, completing a salt line and trapping the spirit into an even smaller area. Movement while making a line is relatively unrestricted with one exception: Gumball is unable to move backwards, likely to avoid the possibility of leaving unfinished lines in the center. The player must keep making lines until the area becomes low enough for Jealousy to get exorcised.

The player starts out with three extra lives. These lives may be lost in three ways:

  1. Gumball comes in contact with Jealousy.
  2. Jealousy comes in contact with one of the Gumball’s unfinished salt lines.
  3. Gumball comes in contact with either Carrie or Leslie, who have been possessed by Jealousy.

In all of these cases, Gumball will get possessed, and the player will lose one life. Once the last extra life has been used, the game will end.

In later levels, there will be holes in the ground, denying passage to both Carrie and Leslie, and Gumball. Jealousy may still float over these holes like normal.

There are also several powerups scattered across the floor. These either buff the players or debuff the enemies, though their effects are short lived. They are:

  1. Firework: Significantly boosts the speed of the player.
  2. Voodoo doll: Stuns the enemies.
  3. Mirror: Slows the enemies.
  4. Poster: Gives the player invincibility.


Gumball: Class Spirits is developed by Cartoon Network.

Watch the show on the Cartoon Network TV channel.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

Gumball Class Spirits is a Cartoon Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games. Gumball Class Spirits is also HTML5 games that be played on a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. No download or installation needed to play this game. Hope this game bring a little joy into your daily life.