Gumball: Class Spirits
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Gumball: Class Spirits


When Penny started hanging out with Leslie,

Gumball got crazy jealous. Now his jealous spirit is on the loose. Use magic dust to trap Jealousy before it infects the entire school.

Help Gumball round-up evil specters in Class Spirits.

The plot of “The Flower” serves as the foundation for the game’s storyline, but with some gameplay-oriented twists. Leslie has started spending time with Penny, causing Gumball to feel envious. His envy transforms into a wicked spirit, determined to possess individuals and make them fulfill their deepest desires in malevolent ways. To prevent the spread of the spirit’s curse, Gumball must trap it using salt lines, which act as a ghost’s kryptonite. Armed with a jug of salt, Gumball must act swiftly and accurately to halt the spirit’s advance.


In the game, players aim to capture and exorcise Jealousy by trapping it within a limited space using lines of salt created by controlling Gumball’s movements. Initially, Jealousy is confined to a semi-large box, and the player can move Gumball around the sides to create salt lines, gradually reducing the area in which Jealousy can move. The player must avoid contact with Jealousy or with unfinished salt lines, as well as being possessed by Jealousy after it has possessed Carrie or Leslie.

Players start with three lives, which can be lost if Gumball comes into contact with Jealousy or with the possessed characters, or if Jealousy touches an unfinished salt line. Holes in the ground may appear in later levels, blocking the path of both the possessed characters and Gumball, while Jealousy remains unaffected.

The game also includes power-ups in the form of items found on the ground. These items can have positive or negative effects on the players or enemies, such as boosting speed or stunning enemies. These effects are short-lived. The power-ups available include a firework, a voodoo doll, a mirror, and a poster, each with unique abilities.


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