Snow Stoppers: Amazing World of Gumball
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Snow Stoppers: Amazing World of Gumball


Snow Stoppers: Amazing World of Gumball is a Cartoon Network game where you play as Gumball, Darwin, and other characters trying to stop the advancement of the evil snowmans.


In Gumball’s Tower Defense, players must employ strategic thinking to defeat waves of enemies. Like other tower defense games, players must carefully place their characters to maximize enemy destruction, and move them as needed to stop any foes that slip through the defenses. At the start of the game, only Gumball is available, but as players progress, they’ll unlock additional characters.

Upon completing a level, players can earn up to three stars depending on how many enemies escaped. If too many escape, the player will receive no stars and must repeat the level. These stars are used to increase the team’s level, which makes them faster and stronger. This allows players to revisit earlier levels with a stronger team, potentially earning stars they missed.

The game features a total of 15 levels, each with a unique map and increasingly challenging enemies. Every fifth level includes a boss battle that must be defeated to progress. As players progress, they’ll encounter enemies with new abilities, such as splitting into smaller foes, counterattacking, slowing characters down, and shielding themselves temporarily. Upon successfully completing the 15th level, the game is beaten.


  • Gumball— Has very balanced stats.
  • Darwin— Runs quickly, but is not very strong.
  • Anais— Throws snowballs that slow down enemies.
  • Penny— Makes anyone within her radius throw faster.
  • Masami— Shoots lightning that strikes enemies multiple times.
  • Tobias— Throws giant snowballs that explode.
  • Ocho— Shoots lasers instead of snowballs and can teleport.
  • Bobert— Shoots very strong lasers.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

Snow Stoppers Amazing World of Gumball is a Strategy Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games. No download or installation needed to play this game. Hope this game bring a little joy into your daily life.