Ghost Chaser Densei

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Ghost Chaser Densei

Fully english translated retro beat em up game that was initially only release in Japan. Ghost Chaser Densei takes place in year 2079, where super computers controls every aspect of life. Where crime was suppose to be a thing of the past, but criminals who can not be found by the control system, called Ghosts, have infiltrated the country. The government has set up a special police organization, Ghost Chaser, to stop Ghost terrorists.

Will you be able to protect your city from these Ghost terrorists?

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Controller to Keyboard Mapping =

Click on the red "X" button at the top right corner to close the console-to-keyboard mapping setting. Try to remember the console-to-keyboard mapping for Player 1 and Player 2.

Player 2 uses NumPad. Please make sure your NumPad is unlocked.

Game is saved to your browser cookie, so if you want to save game, you must enable cookie. If you clear cookie, save game will be gone.


Press “J” to skip gibberish intro from the translator.