Gumball Ghost Blast
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Gumball Ghost Blast


Embark on a spine-chilling adventure to help the gang clear out a haunted mansion! Take on the roles of Anais, Gumball, and Darwin as you fearlessly explore each room. Armed with a camera, ghost vacuum, and your skills, it’s up to you to capture a variety of mischievous ghosts. Be careful not to lose all your health and make it your mission to find all the keys scattered throughout the mansion.

As you enter the mansion, the door locks behind you, sealing your fate within its ghostly walls. Anais’s diary opens, providing a brief overview of the story to immerse you further in the eerie atmosphere.

Your objective is to navigate the mansion’s rooms and confront random encounters with ghosts. Use your camera to stun them and then vacuum them up before they can harm you. Initially, you start with three lives, represented by hearts. Losing a life occurs when ghosts manage to inflict damage upon you, though the severity varies depending on the ghost type. If you lose all your lives, fear not, for you’ll be transported to a nearby location with your lives restored.

Prepare to face four different types of ghosts, each with their own unique abilities and challenges. Anais’s diary provides descriptions of each ghost encounter:

  1. Octo-Ghost: Though slow and not overly formidable individually, they can be a formidable force when appearing in groups. Contact with an Octo-Ghost deducts 1/4 of a heart from your health.
  2. Cool Ghost: These groovy spirits are lightning-fast and can protect their eyes to avoid being stunned by your camera. However, a second flash can overcome their defenses. A Cool Ghost deducts 3/4 of a heart upon contact.
  3. Bully Ghost: Beware these menacing apparitions, as they possess tricks up their spectral sleeves to protect themselves. A direct encounter with a Bully Ghost results in the loss of a full heart.
  4. Slippery Ghost: These elusive phantoms have the uncanny ability to phase through walls, making them impervious to your camera’s flash. Contact with a Slippery Ghost deducts 1/2 of a heart from your health.

Prepare yourself for a ghostly challenge as you navigate the haunted mansion, outsmart the spirits, and ensure the gang’s safety!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Press Spacebar to stun ghost and make them vulnerable to your vacuum.

Drag anywhere on the screen to aim at the ghosts, sap their energy and eventually trap them.

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