Pokemon Life
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Pokemon Life


Pokemon Life is a fan made fakemon game.

See what adventure awaits you in Pokemon Life, as you embark on an epic pokemon adventure about meaning of life.

Great graphic for an retro pokemon game.

Developed by Dionen

Version ALPHA 1, not the final release. so there might be so bugs.

The Alpha ends when the Gueisha tells you.

New Version will be updated when released.

How to Play

Only keyboard is required to play this game. Check out the controller button to see console-to-keyboard mapping. For example, "A" on the game console is mapped to "Z" Key on your keyboard. You can also change the default key-mapping to whatever you feel comfortable with.

Default Keyboard Mapping
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
A,B,L,R Button =[Z],[X],[A],[S]
PLAY,SELECT =[Enter],[Backspace]

Use the Save button to download the save code of Pokemon Life to your computer. Use the Upload button to select the save code from your PC to resume where you left off.

How to Play: