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Enter the fantasy world of Elengrad. A cute little 2D pixel art Metroidvania adventure game.

Join a brave warrior as he travels across the land to banish the evil that had been unleashed once again in Elengrad.

Explore the environment, discover secrets, collect items, and battle goblins, wildlife, monsters and spirits.

The land was once a dangerous land. Full of magic and monsters.

Good King Borgar seeing people suffering and fighting hard for their lives decided to send his best warriors to destroy all the evil in the world. And it worked. The land became safe and people were living happily. Or so it seemed…

Good King Borgar died of age and so most of the brave warriors did. Short after that all evil returned. Sons of the ones that once defeated dark forces decided to travel the world and help poor, unprepared people.

And so did Eric. This young, brave man decided to return to a small village he used to visit often in his childhood. What problems will he find there?

What secrets will he discover?

Game design, art and implementation: Piotr ‘Xiris’ Wyszynski

Music: Dekkanoid. Paolo Iocca.

Just Have Fun!