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Dungeon Screener


Dungeon Screener is a roguelike dungeon crawler strategy game. Where you take control of the knight, ranger, cleric, and wizard as you traverse through the depth of the randomly generated dungeons and caves.  Pick up dropped items, collect all the cards, and try to get to the top ranked leaderboard.

The story does that deep in the heart of RogueVerse our predecessors dug in their craven search for gold. Breaking through dark caves and deep chasms, they eventually arrived at the gates of the underground city of shadows… And long lasting are the dark ages in our kingdom since the same event that brought the doom. War has been declared! The Kingdom is being attacked by evil forces, led by Dungeon Lord. Darkness begins to spread through the underground city. Four heroes have been summoned and given a crucial task. Let Knight, leader of this sovereign party, pave the way with a silver-tongued sword, as shades disappear with the sound of his steps. While Wizard’s enchanting power grows stronger and Ranger’s aim is at its best, there would be no hope with Cleric’s vital support. The fate of RogueVerse is in your hands!


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Mouse or Touch Controls: Point-Tap-Click to Walk-Take-Attack in the desired location.
Point-Tap-Click on any unit in your party to Activate/Deactivate or Cast abilities and spells.

Keyboard Controls: Arrow keys & Num-pad support,
[QWE-ASD-ZXC] – left handed player,
[UIO-JKL-M<>] – right handed player

[K, 1, 7] Knight defend,
[J, 2, 8] Ranger aim,
[N, 3, 9] Wizard prepare to cast spell,
[H, 4, 0] Cleric Heal / Protect instantly,
[SPACE, ENTER, B] take item, enter tavern

UI Shortcuts: [O] Hi-Score, [G] Settings, [R] Cards, [V] View Info,
[5, -] Sound, [6, =] Music, [~] Quit, [Y] Yes, [N] No, [F] Fullscreen, [Esc] Cancel

Unit Types:
1. Knight (Fighter) – able to use shields and block attacks; increases critical hit with levels.
2. Ranger (Archer) – can shoot at protected enemies from distance; dodges; critical;
3. Wizard (Spell Caster) – harm entire enemy party with powerful magic;
4. Cleric (Healer) – heal (or revive) damaged allies; can protect the party with spells.

Strategy: When you target archers and spell-casters in the enemy party, you must first break through that party’s defense – usually a tough melee unit that protects the others (the closest one). Use your archer shooting ability and your wizard’s magic to strike regardless any enemy defense. In the same logic your Knight is the damage buffer of your party, because he can block up to three melee attacks.

Leaderboards and Cards: There is a highly competitive and complex Hi-Score system, supported by statistics and over 50 Cards to collect (working like Achievements/Medals). Depending on the Game Mode, your score could be reduced if you revive fallen allies, but there is a special rule (Insane Mode) for the hardcore players! For reference the most difficult Card to be obtained is when you clear the game without using Resurrection at all. Enjoy!

Dungeon Screener is a online Rpg Game you can play for free in full screen at KBH Games. Easily play Dungeon Screener on the web browser without downloading. Hope the game will bring a little joy into your daily life.