Minimal Dungeon RPG
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Minimal Dungeon RPG


Minimal Dungeon RPG is an adventure RPG dungeon crawler with a minimal gameplay and a mixture of idle/incremental elments.


In the deep valley of Casa, a light beam rushed into the night sky. YOU…were born.
As a fragment of the ancient Demon Lord, you will open an adventure to seek for the mystery of your origins. However, the adventure can never go smoothly. Starting from the valley of Casa, you will trek through this threatening continent. The monsters, stoneman, and wolf can all feel something unusual inside you, something that awakens the fears deep in their souls. They want to kill you! All you need to do is wield your weapons to defeat them one by one. The more enemies you slay, the more loots you gain. You become stronger and stronger. After breaking down numerous barriers, you encounter the final Boss! Who will be the Lord of this land? YOU will if you win!


Minimal Dungeon RPG is developed by CapPlay.

Just Have Fun!