Curse of the Sock
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Curse of the Sock


Curse of the Sock is action platformer inspired by Castlevania trilogy. Go on a journey filled with monsters to get back your lucky sock that was stolen.

Developed by Antonio Villamandos @Butzbo.

How to Play:

Arrow keys / WASD – Move, climb up ladders, down to duck, up to enter doors.

Z / K – Jump

X / L- Attack

P/ENTER – Pause

M – Mute/unmute

F – Toggle fullscreen

A few small Tips!

-Press Down+Jump to jump-off platforms (the thin ones).

-A few enemy projectiles (such as rocks) can be intercepted with a sword hit.

-While climbing a ladder, press Jump to drop down.

-When an enemy throws projectiles at you, it’s usually better to dodge them first before attacking.