Jewel Curse

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Jewel Curse

Journey on a jewel quest through the deserts of ancient Egypt. Collect the pharaoh’s jewels in this exciting jewel game and play through all 100 free Jewel Curse levels. Get rid of all the coloured jewel tablets by making combinations of 3 or more and turn the tiles under your combo into gold. You can only move on to the next level once all the tiles are transformed into gold. Do your best to become the Egypt jewel legend!

Slide the jewels through the grid to create Match 3 combos. You will come across all kinds of obstacles along the way, such as locks on whole rows and columns, or tiles you must make a combo over twice before they turn to gold.

Some Match-3 combinations that involve more than three jewels will score extra points, and consecutive combinations will create special power-ups that allow you to blow up an entire row or column, or both at the same time!

Use your magic relics and gems to complete all 100 levels and reach the ultimate jewel oasis at the end of the map. Play away the magic gems before the timer runs out in this beautifully designed ultimate jewel game, Jewel Curse!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.