Crossed Fire
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Crossed Fire


Crossed Fire is a take that’ll put your reaction time and skills to the limit. There are many things you can do in Crossed Fire. But the goal is to stay alive as long as possible and grab as many coins as you can. A simple game, but addicting and cool.

Will you be able to score more than 25 points?

Double Jump: You pretty much need to if you want to score something.

Controlled Jump Height: A huge leap, a tiny hop? You decide!

Wall slide: Sliding makes you fall slower, this is good for controlling where (and when) you’ll land.

Bullet Hop: Bullet hopping is hard, but once you know the timing, you’ll be able to bounce off the top of the bullets to score points faster, without touching the ground.

How to Play:

Arrow Keys: Movement

Space Bar: Jump

Escape: Quit

M: Toggle Mute

F: Toggle Full-screen