Fire Watch
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Fire Watch

Fire Watch is a casual firefighting game that puts you in the role of a brave firefighter responsible for extinguishing fires in the forest. Your main objective is to collect water and use it to put out the spreading fires, preventing them from causing further damage.

As a firefighter, you’ll navigate through the forest, responding to fires that break out in different areas. To combat the flames, you must collect water from various sources and use it strategically to extinguish the trees and prevent the fire from spreading. The faster and more efficiently you put out the fires, the better your performance will be.

As you progress in the game and successfully extinguish fires, you’ll earn rewards and points. These can be used to upgrade your character’s equipment, making you stronger and more effective in fighting fires. Upgrades may include better water containers, improved gear, and special abilities that aid you in your firefighting efforts.

Fire Watch offers a casual and enjoyable gameplay experience, making it accessible to players of all ages. The game combines elements of strategy and quick thinking as you race against time to stop the fires from spreading and causing destruction in the forest.

Are you ready to take on the role of a heroic firefighter and protect the forest from the ravages of fire? Collect water, extinguish the flames, and become the ultimate fire watch in this exciting casual firefighting game!


Fire Watch is developed by White Light Company.

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