Countryball: Catch ’em All!
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Countryball: Catch ’em All!

Explore the region of Terra. A must drawn region, featuring in-game cities and routes of every real-world continent on planet Earth. Your journey will take yours from Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia, and beyond.


  • Custom-drawn pixel art Countryballs
  • New region based on the real-world
  • New music


-PolandDev [that’s me :^)] – everything below and more
-src – Writing, dex entries, footprints, cries, music, title screen and intro, bug testing
-Primary Artists: E.K., Chroma, Luna Maddalena, Star Gazaar, Brolunite
-ToastyCoasty – Writing, spriting, title screen, bug testing
-Spriot – scripting
-pfero – type identification system, other misc help
-DimbusMaximus, aaaa – music

Version Beta

Just Have Fun!