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Catermeow Goes To College

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Catermeow Goes To College is an adventure game where you play as an caterpillar cat.

-Find seeds and use them to reach high ledges or fend off unfriendly slugs. You can always go back and pick more seeds if you make a mistake.

Popcorn kernel : pops and destroys bad bugs.
Green seed : grows a plant that helps avoid bad things.
Dandelion : helps float over bad things.

-Watch out for bad bugs and spiky thorns. Use your seeds!

Slugs : Not really a bad bug, but he’s coated in sticky slime.
Poof Ball Mushrooms : mushrooms are not bugs??? Anyway, avoid these. Their spore clouds are harmful.
Pillbugs : don’t get too close or they will flatten you.

Developed by Birmingham USA as a collaboration effort. If you like the game please consider donating to Cahaba River Society.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.