Castle of Magic
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Castle of Magic


Castle of Magic is an adventure platformer game that takes place in a magical land. Get ready to wield powerful magic and conquer fearsome monsters in this exciting game of magic. You’ll learn lots of spells, including some that let you turn into different animals. The levels have interactive surfaces where you can fly, slide, float, and even walk on the ceiling! Travel through 5 magical lands and save the world from evil villains. It’s going to be an epic adventure!


A boy and a girl are bored playing a broken video game and want to find something new to do. They discover a magical chest that transports them to a magical world. The evil wizard Nefatex has kidnapped the girl and the boy becomes a magician to save her. The wizard challenges the boy to travel through different worlds and defeat him. The boy sets off on a journey to save his girlfriend and defeat the evil wizard. In the end, the boy saves the day, but there’s a hint that a bigger danger may be lurking, waiting for the next adventure


Castle of Magic is developed by Gameloft SE.

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