North Kingdom: Siege Castle
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North Kingdom: Siege Castle


In North Kingdom: Siege Castle, prepare to defend your castle from an unyielding siege in this captivating 3D tower defense game. Hordes of enemies are relentlessly attacking, and it’s up to you to build a powerful wall, extract resources, and construct formidable defenses to survive.

As you embark on the campaign, you will face 20 unique levels, each presenting its own set of challenges and obstacles. Strategically plan your defenses and deploy them strategically to fend off the enemy forces. Progressing through the campaign will unlock new heroes with special skills in battle, providing you with additional firepower and tactical advantages.

To strengthen your defensive capabilities, you can earn points by completing levels. These points can be used to improve your defensive towers, making them more efficient and formidable against the enemy onslaught. Carefully allocate your resources and choose the upgrades that best suit your playstyle and the enemies you face.

In addition to the campaign mode, North Kingdom: Siege Castle also offers a survival mode. In this mode, you must hold off endless waves of enemy forces for as long as possible. Test your strategic skills and see how long you can withstand the onslaught.

Immerse yourself in the immersive 3D graphics as you witness the intense battles unfold. The game combines strategy and action, providing a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience. Command your defenses, manage your resources, and lead your forces to victory.

Will you become the most powerful force of the northern kingdom and successfully defend your castle against the siege? Gather your wits, fortify your defenses, and embark on this epic tower defense adventure in North Kingdom: Siege Castle.


North Kingdom: Siege Castle is developed by Antar Games.

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North Kingdom Siege Castle is a online Strategy Game you can play for free in full screen at KBH Games. North Kingdom Siege Castle is made using Unity Games technology. Easily play North Kingdom Siege Castle on the web browser without downloading. Hope the game will bring a little joy into your daily life.