Bomberman 64

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Bomberman 64

Bomberman 64 is a back in the NIntendo 64 version. Developed and published by published by Hudson Soft in 1997, now you can experience the explosive bomberman online. Nintendo 64 gives bomberman a full 3D makeover and directional change. Now players are able to walk in eight directions with a rotating camera facing in eight directions and with three different zoom levels.

Like the previous Bomberman Series ability to kick, pick up, and throw bombs, without the need of power-ups. A unique aspect is the ability to “pump” a bomb while holding it, making it more powerful and explosive. But the tradeoff is that a pumped bomb can’t be kicked or picked up again. So pump it wisely.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Recommend Playing on Chrome for better performance using the N64 emulator.