Bomber XXL
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Bomber XXL

Get ready for an exciting 2D flying game!

You get to be a brave pilot in a world full of cool planes and bombers. Fly fast and have thrilling battles in the sky, just like in those awesome dogfights. Your goal is to score higher than all the other players.

You can make your plane even better with lots of upgrades and power-ups. Make your plane’s weapons stronger, go even faster, and become super good at dodging other planes. This way, you can rule the sky and become the best pilot ever!

But wait, there’s a super big boss! It’s a huge airship floating way up in the clouds. You’ve got to beat this really tough boss to show everyone that you’re the top pilot in the game.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Airplane direction: mouse cursor/virtual joystick on phone (on left side)
  • Shooting from the main weapon: left mouse button / virtual button on the phone
  • Shooting additional weapons: right mouse button / virtual button on phone
  • Pause: Escape on the keyboard / swipe down from the left edge